• Live your dream

    “You only have this lifetime to find out and do what your truly LOVE”

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  • Think different

    “Your thought is the only and MOST POWERFUL asset you own, BELIEVE in yourself!”

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about Adrian

An engineer by training, turned entrepreneur, and also a recipient of Stars of SHINE, Youth Venturer Award. He is in the business of helping people transforming their dreams into a reality. A firm believer in taking the lead in creating, developing, and executing ideas to mould them into a concrete product.


My dream is to inspire the world that they have only this lifetime to realized their purpose, and achieving what they REALLY LOVE to do.

Roles and Responsibilities

Husband, Father, Educator, Entrepreneur, Recipient of Stars of SHINE, Youth Venturer Award. Co-founder of DivZero Consultancy, Co-founder of Startup Academy, Founder at Founder Institute.